Can I Recycle Used Rebar in Indiana?

Having leftover steel supplies is quite the advantage, in fact. If you work on a construction site, or in the construction and building industry, or even in the metal fabrication industry, you are likely to be faced with the option of taking home or retaining scrap steel, most commonly rebar. As a business owner of his construction or general contracting company, you might also find yourself with a bunch of leftover building supplies like rebar and steel tubing. If so, you might be wondering what you can do to get rid of all of this left over scrap in a safe and efficient manner. The answer is to recycle them. You can even make some money doing it!

Continue reading to learn how to recycle used rebar in Indiana, including the types of construction rebar commonly accepted at scrap metal recycling centers.

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Common Types of Rebar

There are various types of rebar used in the construction and building industry, but the most common types include stainless steel, galvanized, epoxy-coated, expanded/wire mesh, and carbon steel. The good news is that all types of rebar are 100% recyclable and accepted at any local Indianapolis metal recycling center.

STAINLESS STEEL – Stainless steel rebar is a very common type of rebar used in the building and construction industry. It is a great alternative to carbon steel rebar, which is cheaper but not as visually appealing and resistant to corrosion.

CARBON STEEL – As mentioned, carbon steel rebar is cheaper than stainless steel rebar, but just as reliable. For this reason, it is the most commonly used rebar in the construction and building industry. It’s a downfall, however, is its poor resistance to corrosion and other moisture-causing damages.

GALVANIZED – Hot-dipped galvanized (HDG) rebar is coated with a layer of zinc, giving it a higher resistance to corrosion and rust (oxidation). This type of rebar is often used in the building construction industry for Marine applications, or any application involving water and moisture, such as commercial kitchens and bathrooms.

EPOXY-COATED – Just like galvanized rebar, epoxy-coated rebar retains a much higher level of resistance to corrosion and oxidation compared to other types of steel rebar. The primary difference between this type of rebar and galvanized rebar is that epoxy-coated rebar has a more delicate coating that does not hold up well during the shipping and handling process.

EXPANDED/WIRE MESH – Expanded metal and wire mesh are known as rounded rebar. They are commonly used in the paving and construction industry for concrete reinforcement grids and similar building support applications.

Where to Recycle Scrap Rebar and Scrap Steel in Indiana

Did you know that you can recycle all of your scrap construction metal at any local Indiana scrap metal recycling center and make casual doing it? There is a catch, however. You must be sure you choose a well-established and reputable scrap metal dealer to ensure you receive the maximum payout for your scrap steel and construction materials.

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