How to Renew Outdoor Aluminum Furniture

Aluminum is a widely-useful element that occurs naturally and abundantly within the Earth’s crust. It services several uses for several industries: including aerospace, transportation, building, electrical, food and beverage, and much more. Its unique properties are what makes aluminum so versatile and beneficial. It is soft, non-magnetic, non-toxic, low density, resistant to corrosion, flexible, and retains high thermal conductivity. It is also a decent conductor of electricity.

Although relatively low maintenance compared to other alloys, just like any other good-quality metal, aluminum can benefit greatly from an occasional polish. It is lightweight and strong, but still susceptible to natural wear and tear. This is especially true for outdoor uses of aluminum, such as playgrounds or furniture. For this reason, a small degree of maintenance is important for aluminum possessions or belongings.

Continue reading to learn some tips for polishing aluminum outdoor furniture, and what options are available for those who require routine cleaning and polishing services for their properties.

Indianapolis Scrap Aluminum Buyers 1-888-586-5322
Indianapolis Scrap Aluminum Buyers 1-888-586-5322

How to Polish Aluminum

After some time, natural wear and tear can cause aluminum furniture to fade, scratch, or scuff. A good polish can restore old-looking aluminum and make it look virtually brand new again. Polishing processes and methods differ depending on what surface is being shined. But when it comes to outdoor furniture, or any aluminum furniture, a simple dish rag and mild soap will do.

There is no need to purchase store-bought polishes or chemicals to polish newer aluminum. Instead, grab a clean cloth and dip it in a mild soap and clean water mix. Give the aluminum parts a good wipe down, and then wipe them dry with a separate clean towel. Do this from time to time, generally around the start and end of every season.

Treating Older Furnishings

For older or worn aluminum furniture, it is necessary to go the polish route. Look for a general aluminum polish product at your local hardware or garden store. A good quality polish will not only restore shine and reflection back into the metal, it will also fill in scratches and scuff marks. It is important to read the manufacturer directions before using aluminum polish for the first time. In order the get the best possible results, it is mandatory to follow all manufacturers’ instructions before treated aluminum metal furniture.

Storing Outdoor Furnishings for Winter?

As you prepare your property for the rest of the winter season, take note of the condition of your outdoor furniture. If your restoration efforts were not effective, you might have a strong urge to purchase new outdoor furniture next year. In this case, make the most of your scrap furnishings and recycle them for cash! Local scrap metal recycling centers will pay cash on the spot for solid, quality metal. Just be sure to choose the right scrap metal buyers for the best profit!

Where to Sell Old Metal Furniture in Indianapolis

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