What is a Four Stroke Combustion Cycle?

Most cars and trucks we see on the road today have four-stroke engines that operate using a four stroke combustion cycle. Continue reading to learn how these engines work.

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Used Auto Part Buyers 1-888-586-5322

Four stroke engines are internal combustion engines whose pistons complete four separate “strokes” in order to convert fuel into motion. Each stroke is completed as the piston takes a full stroke along the cylinder. The four strokes in a four stroke engine cycle are as follows: Intake, compression, combustion, and exhaust. Continue reading to learn more about each stroke and how the four stroke combustion cycle works.

Otto Cycle

Nikolaus Otto was the man who invented the four stroke cycle back in the late 1800’s. For this reason, the four stroke combustion cycle is also commonly referred to as the Otto cycle. In contrast, there is a man named James Atkinson that invented a single-stroke combustion cycle, appropriately called the Atkinson cycle. This cycle is applied in modern hybrid electric technologies. As for the four stroke engine cycle, here is a breakdown of each stroke:

During the intake stroke, the intake valves open, allowing the pistons to travel down along the cylinder, increasing the cylinder’s volume, and allowing the engine to “take in” a full cylinder of air and fuel. Only a tiny drop of gasoline is mixed with air to perform this stroke.

The air and fuel mixture within the engine’s cylinders is compressed when the intake and exhaust valves close and the pistons move back to the top of the cylinders. As the pistons move up, they compress the air and fuel mixture into the cylinder heads.

At the combustion stroke, ignition takes place. This stroke begins at the second revolution of the cycle. Once the compressed air enters the cylinder heads, the engine’s spark plug ignites this air and creates power. This combustion forces the pistons to travel back down the cylinders.

At the exhaust stroke, the pistons travel back up the cylinders and the exhaust valves open. This ejects the residual air fuel mixture emissions through the exhaust valves and out through the tailpipe.

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