Air Conditioner Maintenance Reminders to Prevent Summer Breakdowns

Air conditioner maintenance is important because it prevents future problems, breakdowns, and costly repairs. It can also improve a home’s energy efficiency, in turn minimizing consumption and lowering monthly utility bills. Proper air conditioner maintenance is an important household task to stay on top of every year. So, for the start of this season, let’s review a list of maintenance reminders for your AC unit.

Continue reading to learn proper maintenance for air conditioners, and what to do with an old or broken unit before buying a new one.

We Buy Scrap Appliances! 1-888-586-5322
We Buy Scrap Appliances! 1-888-586-5322

AC Filters and Coils

Air conditioner filters need cleaned or replaced every few months, depending on the make and model unit you have, and the type of filter it takes. Permanent filters need to be cleaned with a thorough rinse and dry, while disposable filters simply need to be tossed and replaced. Anyone can do this chore, even the kids! It is recommended to switch out or clean AC filters every three months or so, and more often for homes with multiple occupants and pets. Talk to your neighborhood HVAC contractor for advice and information about AC filter replacement.

Your air conditioner retains condenser and evaporator coils that need routine attention once per year. They accumulate dirt, dust, dander, and other airborne particulars that diminish the system’s air flow and heat-absorbing abilities. This dust and debris need to be cleaned off on an annual basis in order to promote optimal performance and longevity within your air conditioning system. Be sure to eliminate any debris that can affect your outdoor condenser unit as well. Remove leaves, foliage, and other debris in order to protect its condenser coils.

Aluminum Fins

Air conditioner coils have aluminum fins attached to them that can sometimes bend out of shape. Inspect these fins while cleaning the coils to ensure they are still in good condition. Bent fins can block the air flow, hindering the overall performance of an AC unit.

Freon Levels

It is important to check your air conditioner’s Freon levels before the start of each summer season. Low levels that go neglected can result in system burnouts and defects.


Be sure to change your thermostat’s batteries! This is often the cause of thermostat issues. If your thermostat stops working, check this first. It is also important to check the electrical connections, like fuses and sensors, to ensure they are still in good working condition.

Additional AC Maintenance Reminders:

✏ Clean and adjust blower components.
✏ Inspect condensate drains for clogs.
✏ Inspect caulking around window units.
✏ Check for leaks in air ducts.
✏ Lubricate all moving inner parts.

What To Do With Your Used or Broken AC Unit

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Garden City Iron and Metal 1-888-586-5322
Garden City Iron and Metal 1-888-586-5322