Facts About Steel Pickling

A common, unusable substance that can form on hot-worked steel is known as iron oxide. Iron oxide formation results in a layer of flaky scale that significantly reduces the quality and performance of the metal. In addition to iron oxide scale, several other impurities are also known to degrade hot-worked or hot rolled steel materials, such as rust and similar iron oxide allotropes. To combat iron scale formation and impurity contamination on steel, a special metal dipping process was developed known as steel pickling.

Continue reading to learn some important facts about steel pickling, including how to make the most out of damaged steel materials in Central Indiana.

Scrap Steel Recycling Indianapolis IN 1-888-586-5322
Scrap Steel Recycling Indianapolis IN 1-888-586-5322

What is Steel Pickling?

Steel pickling is a metal decontamination process involving acid bathing science. Hot worked steel is dipped into a substance known as pickle liquor, hence the name, to remove all surface impurities that can increase the rate of iron oxide scale, rust, and similar metal corrosion. Pickle liquor can be either sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid. Both substances render equivalent efficacy.

Conventional hot worked steel can be decontaminated with so for occur hydrochloric acid bathing, but any steel material with the carbon content higher than 6% will require an additional dipping into an acid bath of nitric, phosphoric, or hydrofluoric acid. Following the acid bath process, treated steel is rinsed clean with water and ready for further treating. Typically, cold working is the next step following steel pickling.

Smooth Clean Surface (SPS) and Flame Cleaning

Smooth clean surface (SPS) is a common alternative to steel pickling that remove surface impurities by pushing sheet-metal through a series of rollers and mechanical abrasives. It is often chosen in place of steel pickling when dipping is structurally incompatible, or the particular type of metal or impending application is vulnerable to acid bathing. Another common alternative to steel pickling is known as flame cleaning. This steel decontamination process uses an oxyacetylene flame that essentially burns off all surface impurities.

Responsible Scrap Disposal in Indiana

Regardless of your metal applications, it is important to responsibly dispose of all of your scrap steel in order to preserve our natural resources and reduce the need to mine for new orders. Contact your trusted Indianapolis metal recycling center to earn instant cash for all of your scrap steel and metal commodities. Be sure to choose a recycling company that adheres to all local and state regulations, as well as all EPA guidelines for responsible scrap disposal.

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