What Can Be Recycled in a Junk Car?

If you think about how many parts on your car get replaced over the years, you can see that it is a lot.  This includes old tires, depleted car batteries, used engine oil, brake pads, and much more. Although these components were meant to be replaced on a regular basis, they should still be recycled and refurbished a much as possible. There are some common parts of a car that are recycled every day. 

Continue reading to learn about what car parts can be recycled, and where to recycle them here in Central Indiana.

Indianapolis Indiana Automotive Recycling 1-888-586-5322
Indianapolis Indiana Automotive Recycling 1-888-586-5322

Auto Parts That Can Be Recycled

Motor Oil

One of the most common components in a vehicle that can, and should be, recycled, is oil. Any conventional motor oils are recyclable. You simply take them to your local recycling center, and they clean it up and distribute it for reuse. Your vehicle goes through a lot of oil changes and fluid changes over the years, so be sure to recycle these fluids to help increase sustainability in our environment. If you are having your fluids and oils changed professionally, they are most likely already being saved for recycling.

Automotive Fluids

Besides oil, fluids such as coolant, gasoline, and refrigerant, are reusable. Battery acid can be recycled into sodium sulfate, a white powder used in laundry detergents, glass, and other textiles. Oil filters are also recyclable. You can save these and drop them off at a recycling center as well.

Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metal

Anything metal in a car can also be recycled. On average, cars are made of up nearly 70 percent iron and steel. These two metals are always in demand and can be reused over and over again. Vehicles can also contain car parts made of aluminum, copper, zinc, magnesium, and brass. These too can be recycled and reused. From catalytic converters to car batteries, anything made of metal can be recycled in a vehicle.

Plastic and Rubber

Tires are another popular car component to recycle. Rubber can be melted down multiple times to create new products and parts in other industries. Plastic is also found in cars, such as bumpers and interior frames.  This can also be recycled. Tires are known to be recycled into new tires, floor mats, splash shields, and even brake pedals.

Do you have old or broken auto parts you would like to recycle? Contact Garden City Iron & Metal at 1-888-586-5322 for automotive recycling services in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our scrappers pay cash on the spot for all metal and junk cars!

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Garden City Iron and Metal 1-888-586-5322
Garden City Iron and Metal 1-888-586-5322

Most Valuable Metals in Junk Cars

You will soon learn that the number one way to get paid for a junk car is to visit a local scrap metal yard, or metal processing center that retains the proper equipment and tools to strip it themselves. By choosing a junk car salvager that does everything in-house, you are cutting out the middleman, which in return, puts more money in your pocket.

Continue reading to learn which metals junk car buyers are interested in acquiring, and how to get started on selling a junk car in Indiana.

Indianapolis Junk Car Buyers 1-888-586-5322
Indianapolis Junk Car Buyers 1-888-586-5322

If you were to strip a junk car of all its parts, and then sell them to a scrap metal yard piece by piece, you have an opportunity to make some great cash. That is because junk cars are full of all sorts of metal constituents, all of which can be recycled and reprocessed over and over again. But if you can’t dismantle your junk car on your own, don’t feel defeated; you are not alone. In fact, it is quite rare for a person to dismantle a vehicle without technical training and specialized equipment.

Scrap Metal in Junk Cars

Almost 95% of a vehicle can be recycled, and almost 65% of all vehicles are made from metal components. Car parts that contain platinum, rhodium, or palladium mostly include catalytic converters. Other metals are found in parts like the chassis, frame, tail pipe, engine, muffler, wheels, car frame, chassis, radiator, cylinder heads, pistons, starters, alternators, electrical wiring, and more. 

But most metal recycling centers don’t just buy junk vehicles; they also buy any and all motorized commodities, including motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, golf carts, construction equipment, farming equipment, boats, jet skis, tractors, lawn mowers, forklifts, watercrafts, airplanes, and anything else that ran on fuel. If it has or used to have a motor, they’ll pay cash for it based on the current market prices for metal.

Here are some of the most commonly sought-after metals found in junk cars:

✅ Platinum
✅ Rhodium
✅ Palladium
✅ Iron
✅ Steel
✅ Aluminum
✅ Copper
✅ Lead
✅ And More

How to Sell a Junk Car in Indiana

Call Garden City Iron & Metal at 1-888-586-5322 to sell a junk car in Indianapolis, Indiana and its surrounding regions. We pay cash on the spot for all scrap metal and metal commodities, including appliances, vehicles, construction equipment, building materials, and much more! Collect all the scrap metal you can, and then sell it to us for the highest profit in town! Request a free estimate or information, today.

Garden City Iron and Metal 1-888-586-5322
Garden City Iron and Metal 1-888-586-5322

Frequently Asked Questions About Junk Car Recycling

If you have an old or broken down vehicle that has no purpose for you any longer, consider selling it for cash to a local metal recycling facility. To get started, learn some valuable information about the junk car selling process and more.

Indianapolis Junk Car Recyclers 1-888-586-5322

Indianapolis Junk Car Recyclers 1-888-586-5322

How Do I Sell a Junk Car?

Call Garden City Iron & Metal at 1-888-586-5322 and tell us about your junk car. Our professional junk car recyclers will provide a free, over-the-phone quote. If you accept our offer, we will schedule a time to pick up your vehicle. Upon our arrival, you will transfer the title over to us. After the title is signed and transferred, we will pay you cash on the spot!

Which Parts of a Car Can Be Recycled?

In the auto recycling industry, metal is the motivator. If it is made from metal and resides within a motorized vehicle, it can be recycled, re-purposed, and reused. Furthermore, it can be sold for cash to a metal recycler. This includes everything from frame and undercarriage, to wheels, catalytic converters, engines, mufflers, radiators, transmissions, brakes, rotors, head gaskets, and more. The electrical components are also accepted since most contain copper and other valuable metals.

What Happens to the Car When it is Recycled?

The first step to the junk car recycling process is comprehensive inspection to determine if the vehicle should be repaired and resold, or dismantled and recycled. If it is to be recycled, the vehicle will be drained of fluids, and then dismantled for parts, starting with lifting the transmission and engine out of the chassis. After that, the rest of the parts are removed, cleaned, sorted, tagged, and repurposed. At the end, the car body is crushed and shredded for new metal.

How Much is a Junk Car Worth?

The amount of money a junk car is worth depends on several factors, primarily the current market values for metal and the total weight of the vehicle. Professional metal recycling companies retain state of the art equipment, like electronic platform scales and similar technologies. Contact our professional Indianapolis metal recyclers to receive personalized quotes for your scrap metal.

Do I Need a Title to Sell a Junk Car?

Having a title is not necessary, but having a vehicle with a title is worth more because of the potential to resell the automobile. If you have questions about your title, please reference the Bureau of Motor Vehicles webpage regarding Titles.

Where Can I Recycle Junk Cars in Indianapolis?

Garden City Iron and Metal 1-888-586-5322

Garden City Iron and Metal 1-888-586-5322

Call Garden City Iron & Metal at 1-888-586-5322 to recycle junk cars in Central and Southern Indiana. We pay cash on the spot for all make and model junk cars, automotive parts, appliances, construction equipment, motorized farming equipment, and much more! Call 1-888-586-5322 to request a free estimate, today.