How to Safely Get Rid of a Used Car Battery

We have all had to change a car battery in our lives. It is a familiar circumstance for many drivers. Once a car battery has died, you contact a friend or roadside assistance company to either jump start it again, or replace it entirely. We are all aware of how to change a car battery, but many of us are not sure what to do with the old one once it’s removed. There are many things within an automotive battery that allow it to operate and function properly. Unfortunately, many of them are harmful to the environment and a hazard for us as well.

Continue reading to learn how to safely dispose of car batteries in order to protect our Eco-system and communities.

Indianapolis Scrap Metal Buyers 1-888-586-5322
Indianapolis Scrap Metal Buyers 1-888-586-5322

Car Battery Disposal

The constituents within a car battery are mostly chemical-based. These chemicals can be extensively damaging to plant life, Eco-systems, water supplies, wildlife, pets, and humans. This is why safe battery disposal is so vital. On top of containing several dangerous chemicals, they also carry heavy metals and other toxic materials. For example, a standard 12 volt battery contains hazardous elements like lead, mercury, plastic, sulfuric acid, and more. When you think about it, diesel engines like trucks, use 24 volt car batteries; that’s twice the amount of chemicals and harmful elements!

Here’s the easiest way to safely dispose of a used car battery:

➀ Safely remove old car battery.
➁ Find a safe location to store it, temporarily.
➂ Call a local scrap metal recycling center to sell it for cash.

Dangers of Improper Disposal

Improper battery disposal comes with a wide-range of trouble and consequences. The chemicals inside them can have negative effects on our health, homes, Eco-systems, and surrounding environment. Most damages caused by irresponsible car battery disposal take decades to reverse, if reversible at all.

If you ever come into contact with any chemical or liquid inside a car battery, be sure to wash your hands immediately. Always be sure that the battery is in a sturdy upright position so leakage doesn’t occur during transportation. For expert information on proper car battery disposal, contact a reputable Indianapolis scrap metal recycling center and receive accurate industry advice.

Our Indianapolis Scrappers Will Buy Your Used Car Batteries!

Call Garden City Iron & Metal at 1-888-586-5322 to get rid of used car batteries in Central and Southern Indiana. Our Indianapolis metal recycling professionals pay cash on the spot for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including junk cars, automotive parts, appliances, construction equipment, motorized farming equipment, and more. Request a free estimate for your scrap metal, today.

Garden City Iron and Metal 1-888-586-5322
Garden City Iron and Metal 1-888-586-5322

What To Do With Leftover Construction Scrap

This summer was a prime building season. If you look around your local community, you are sure to see new buildings, strip malls, subdivisions, and more. But now that winter is around the corner, building and remodeling projects will soon be put on hold until spring. As a result, many contractors will soon find themselves with leftover construction scrap and debris that costs a lot of money to store.

If you are looking for a better solution to getting rid of construction and renovation scrap, you are in the right place. Continue reading to learn how you can easily dispose of scrap construction metal and make some money while doing it!

We Buy Construction Scrap! 1-888-586-5322
We Buy Construction Scrap! 1-888-586-5322

Metal Recycling

Look to your local metal recycling center for the easiest approach to construction scrap metal disposal. Such companies accept anything made from metal, whether old, new, working, broken, or incomplete. If you find the right metal recycling center to do business with, you can even get paid for your cargo. You might also get certain client advantages, like free pickup and haul away.

If you find a metal recycler in your town that will pick up your leftover construction junk AND pay you cash on the spot for it, you have found the best way to dispose of your scrap metal from now on!

Best of all, recycling metal is beneficial to our planet. It reduces the need to mine for new ores, which also reduces factory refining emissions, and thus, air pollution. Since metal is 100% recyclable, it can be reprocessed indefinitely, which helps preserve our natural resources. In turn, metal recycling keeps the demand for new metals low, which also helps lower the cost of metal overall.

Types of METAL Construction Scrap to Recycle:

    ⚒ Steel Beams
    ⚒ Sheet Metal
    ⚒ Scaffolding
    ⚒ Siding
    ⚒ Roofing
    ⚒ Tubing and Piping
    ⚒ Doors and Windows
    ⚒ Plumbing Components
    ⚒ Bulk Hardware
    ⚒ Electrical Wiring
    ⚒ Flat Bars
    ⚒ Fencing
    ⚒ Railings
    ⚒ Power Tools
    ⚒ Construction Equipment
    ⚒ HVAC

Basically, anything made of metal on a construction site can be recycled, and therefore, sold to a local scrap metal buying company.

Who to Trust for the Best Offers in Indy

Call Garden City Iron & Metal at 1-888-586-5322 to recycle construction waste and scrap metal in Central and Southern Indiana. Our Indianapolis scrap metal buyers pay cash on the spot for all metal and metal commodities, including vehicles, car parts, appliances, construction equipment, farming equipment, and much more! Collect all the scrap metal you can, and then sell it to us for the highest profit in town! Request a free estimate or information, today.

Garden City Iron and Metal 1-888-586-5322
Garden City Iron and Metal 1-888-586-5322